Brake Repair Pretoria

Our vehicle workshop is kitted out to provide you with industry leading brake repair in Pretoria.
Take a look at the guide below to help diagnose potential problems with your brake. If you’re unsure, or just want someone to take a closer look feel free to contact Mototek for a brake repair diagnosis and quotation.

Do your brakes need repair? Look out for these clues and signals.

Replacement and installation of brake hardware, rotors, calipers, brake hoses, drums and master brake cylinders. Resurfacing of drums and rotors if necessary. Cleaning and adjusting drum brakes and parking brakes. Brake fluid flush and removal of air from the brake lines.


Hard brake pedal

The primary indicator that the brake booster is going bad or failing is a brake pedal that is extremely difficult to push. This may be a gradual issue or go get harder all of a sudden. In addition, the brake pedal will be much higher than normal. As soon as you notice your brake pedal is hard to engage, contact a professional mechanic


Longer stopping distance

This is because you are not getting the actual power boost needed to properly stop the vehicle. A longer stopping distance can be hazardous in all types of weather because it can make your car unpredictable.


Engine stalls when brakes are applied

When the brake booster is failing it can draw excess vacuum from the engine. This occurs when the diaphragm inside the brake booster fails and allows air to bypass the seal. The brakes are then pressed, the engine feels like it will stall, and the idle can drop. In addition to the decreased brake performance, a stalling engine can cause serious issues.


Brakes stop working

Hopefully you never get to this point, but if you do, safely stop the car, have the vehicle towed back home and contact a mechanic who is certified with brake system inspections and replacement.


High Brake Pedal

Along with the stiff brake pedal, you will notice that it is a lot higher than it should be. This forces you to lift your foot higher just to reach the brake pedal, which is a dangerous situation to be in while driving. If you forget about this and must brake suddenly, you could have problems. So, take your car to the shop whenever you notice a high brake pedal like this.

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