Car Repairs

Leave the repairing of your vehicle in the hands of trained Mototek automotive professionals & mechanics. We have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and correct all vehicle problems.

Our auto repair centre in Pretoria is geared up to provide you with a quick turnaround and reliable car repairs you can trust.

Car repair Pretoria

Warranty Vehicle Repairs

Mototek are approved to handle warranty repairs for various insurance companies, including;

Car repair warranty Pretoria
IMPAC vehicle repairs under warranty pretoria

Auto repair work we offer

Vehicle Diagnostics
The increased use of electronic components, sensors and ECU's within vehicle electrical systems, has prompted the computer aided diagnosis of faults and errors.
Overheating Diagnostic & Repairs
An overheated engine can be caused by anything that decreases the cooling system’s ability to absorb, transport and dissipate heat. When you notice that temperature gauge creeping up above what’s normal (usually above ½ of the dashboard indicator range) pull your vehicle over to a safe place.
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